Up To U Lyrics In English Translation – Dhanda Nyoliwala | Main Gira Hoya Banda

 Up To U Lyricsm In English Translation by Dhanda Nyoliwala (Main Gira Hoya Banda) is a newly released Punjabi song by his voice, Dhanda Nyoliwala has made its tune. The latest Up To U song lyrics are written by Dhanda Nyoliwala. Its music video is released by T-FarArmy Productions.

Up To U Song Details:
Song: Up To U
Singer(s): Dhanda Nyoliwala
Musician(s): Matty Made It
Lyricist(s): Dhanda Nyoliwala
Cast: Dhanda Nyoliwala
Label(©): FarArmy Productions
Up To U Lyrics In English Translation – Dhanda Nyoliwala | Main Gira Hoya Banda
Up To U Lyrics In English Translation – Dhanda Nyoliwala | Main Gira Hoya Banda

Up To U Lyrics In English Translation – Dhanda Nyoliwala | Main Gira Hoya Banda

Kaan tutte bande rahve mitran ki gail,
Heavyweight wrestlers who have suffered fractured ears in wrestling arena matches are among us.
Zindagi te maut ke bichale khelun khel,
I engage in the game between life and death.
Jonsa pe kare baithi aitbaar tu, Main barat ke dekhe ae re tilan mein ni tel.
I’ve already evaluated the person you’re trusting, and they’re not reliable for any task.
Tere college ke bahar khadi mitran ki thar,
My Thar (car) is parked outside your college.
Minute lachar dekh aaja billo bahar,
Just come to my car in 4 minutes.
Gaam re ghuma du tanne khet re dikha du,
I’ll guide you around my entire village, and I’ll also show you my fields (farm).
Tubel-An pe aaja tanne pani re piya du.
And in the fields where tube wells are installed, I’ll provide you with water to drink.
Takneya te uncha jo sa suit howe hai, Aaja tera chhori re wo suit bhi sima du,
The boy is telling the girl, “I’ll get the suit tailored for you, extending it above the knees.
Meri jaan ke eh sare billo sare darzi.
All the tailors in the city are known to me.
Fer bhi pasand hoon to teri marzi,
If you still like me, it’s your choice.
(The boy has shared his flaws and strengths with the girl. Now, she tells him, “It’s up to you whether you’ll like me or not.)
Parwah ni yaar ne tu bombay hai ke delhi,
I don’t mind if you live in Mumbai or Delhi.
Shahar tera fook dena lake billo tilli,
I could set your entire city ablaze with just one matchstick.
Jisse lachhan ae mere manne jachri hai re,
Len aawegi re manne batti lal neeli.
The way I’m acting, I sense the police will pick me up soon.
Weekend datt kholla bottal-an ke ni,
We don’t drink alcohol on weekends,
Hold pe dhar deyu phone thake ni,
We don’t put anyone’s phone call on hold.
Nasha boori cheez hai re kade na karo,
I believe addiction is harmful, and no one should engage in it.
Main peeya karu jama oak laa ke ni.
But I openly drink alcohol, like water flowing from a tap.
Firegi chatandi nimbu dahi re khawandi,
Nalka ke niche aadhi raatan ne nahavandi,
Then you’ll make me drink lemon juice and feed me yogurt to help me sober up, and you’ll make me bathe with tap water in the middle of the night.
Babe bhi ni otenge re teri arzi. Fer bhi pasand hu to teri marzi,
Then no one will be willing to listen to your request. If you still want to be with me, then it’s your decision.
Main gira hoya banda jama neech balliye,
I am a very shameless and notorious boy, Girl.
Aur’an ke siran pe nahi reach balliye,
But I have achieved success due to my hard work.
Nyoliwala rap is tariya kare, Ju dewe hai owaisi ni speech balliye.
Nyoliwala raps like owaisi giving a speech.
(owaisi is a politician who is always known for his provocative speeches.)
Mere barne pe bhokke kutti fame aali re,
Many people outside my house are hurling abuses at me to gain fame.
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Main dina mein ghumadi sui time aali re,
I have achieved success in a short time because of my hard work.
O day to re night mere left te re right,
Karde firein hai saale manne backbite,
There are many people who gossip about me day and night.
Bas isse cheez ki hai yaara ne allergy.
But I can’t tolerate this.
Fer bhi pasand hu to teri marzi,
But if you still like me, it’s your choice.
Written By: Dhanda Nyoliwala
Up To U Music Video

 FAQ (Featuring Answer Question)

1) Who sang the “Up To U” Song

Ans:- “Up To U” song is sung by  Dhanda Nyoliwala.
2) Who Wrote the “Up To U” song?

Ans:- “Up To U” Song Lyrics are written by Dhanda Nyoliwala
3) Which Music Company has released “Up To U“?

Ans:- “Up To U” Song is Released under the Label FarArmy Productions.


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