Paapa Paattu Lyrics English Translation – Veetla Vishesham

 Paapa Paattu Lyrics Meaning In English is the Latest Tamil song from the 2022 film Veetla Vishesham. It is sung by Sid Sriram and composed by Girishh Gopalakrishnan. The lyrics are written by Pa Vijay.

Paapa Paattu Song Credits:
Artist: Sid Sriram
Movie: Veetla Vishesham
Release date: 2022
Composer: Girishh Gopalakrishnan
Lyricist: Pa Vijay
Paapa Paattu Lyrics English Translation – Veetla Vishesham

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Paapa Paattu Lyrics English Translation – Veetla Vishesham

Va Vennilave Vadatha Poove
En Vazhvil Meendum Enai Eendra Thaye
‘O sweet lilting moon…’A rose that wilts not’
Like a mother, you gave me life anew again’
Kannodu Imaiyai Sugamana Sumaiyai
Iru Kaiyil Yendhi Thalattuvene
‘O apple of my eye… O joyous burden…’
‘I shall hold you in my arms and lull you to the world of dreams’
Katrodu Thalaikodhi Nadhiyodu Thavazhnthu
Uyirodu Uyiraga Uravadum Azhage
‘With the wind ruffling your hair and drifting lightly on gentle streams…’
‘…you found your way to us all, O beautiful one’
Paniyodu Vilayadi Malar Oonjaladi
Tharai Vandhu Tamizh Pesum Irukkal Vennilave
‘Dancing in a shower of dewdrops upon a swing of flowers…’
‘…you reached the Tamil shores, O two-legged moon’
Siragaga Unnai Nan Yendhi Selven
Sinungamal Unnai Nan Parthu Kolven
‘I shall be the wings to make you soar’
‘I shall watch over you with no quibbles any’
Oru Kodi Inbangal Unai Partha Nodiyil
Nan Vazhum Nal Mattum Nee Endhan Madiyil
‘A zillion joys abound the very second I saw you’
‘Upon my lap you will remain for the rest of my days’
Unai Eentra Pozhuthinghu, Kadavul Than Mugam Partha Poluthu
Un Patham Thozhuthu
‘The moment you were born was when I saw the face of God’
‘I bow down at your dainty feet’
Arariraro! Arariraro! Arariraro! Arariro Arariraro Arariro
Ellorkkum Inge Mugamoodi Vazhkai
Kanne Un Mugam Pola Nijam Yedhu
‘Every life in this world is lived behind a mask’
‘Is there but a greater truth than your visage, dear one?’
Ulagathin Oosai Ooyadhu Kanne
En Thozhil Thalai Saindhu Nee Thoongu
‘The clamour of this world is unceasing, my darling’
‘Lie upon my shoulder and drift away into slumber’
Innum Innum Nedumthooram Sendral, Anbennum Oor Seralam
Ponnum Porulum Thedatha Uravai Avvooril Nee Kanalam
‘If we travel just a little further…”…we shall reach the land of love’
‘Unconditional love, in this land, you will find’
Un Perai Sonnal Elloorkum Thannal, Idhayathin Kathavondru Anbodu Thirakattum
‘The mere utterance of your name…”…opens the hearts of all…’
‘…and will shower you with love, my sweetheart’
Azhage Amudhe En Uyire
‘O love of my life’
Arariraro! Arariraro! Arariraro! Arariro Arariraro Arariro
Written By: Pa Vijay

FAQ (Frequently Answer Question)

Q – Which genre Paapa Paattu Song?
Paapa Paatu Song is a Tamil folk ballad genre.


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