Alag Aasmaan Lyrics Translation – Anuv Jain

 Alag Aasmaan Lyrics in English with translation is the latest song from Alag Aasmaan. This song is sung by Anuv Jain. Music is composed by. This song is from the album/movie – Alag Aasmaan. 

Alag Aaswaan Song credits:
Song Name: Alag Aasmaan 
Singer: Anuv Jain 
Lyrics: Anuv Jain 
Music: Angad Singh Bahra 
Recorded at: Uneven Studios, Ludhiana Song 
Label: 2020 Anuv Jain
Alag Aasmaan Lyrics Translation – Anuv Jain

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Alag Aasmaan Lyrics Translation – Anuv Jain

Nayi Nahi Hain Yeh Batein Wahi
Phir Is Modh Par Hum Milein Hain
Naa Jane Ab Milenge Hum Kabhi
Toh Ruk Jaao Ik Pal Yahan Pe
Nothing has changed between us
We ran into each other again
Who knows when we’ll meet again
so stay with me for a time
Yeh Narm Chadaron Ki Silvatein
Tujhe Abhi Bula Rahin Hain
Naa Jaao Dur Insein Yeh Kahein
Yeh Sukoon Kahan Pe Hain Hasil
Dil Ko Mere Yeh Hain Pata
Your warm, comfortable bed is beckoning
They are pleading with you not to go
My heart understands that this comfort cannot be found anyplace else
Ke Milon Ka Yeh Fasla Hain
Alag Aasmaan Bhi Hain Toh Kya
Yeh Dil Naa Manay
There is a considerable space between us
What if we’re even beneath separate skies?
My heart wouldn’t stop racing
Yeh Gadiyon Ki Aisi Daudh Sa
Tera Bhi Dil Daudhta Hain
Haan Jaa Rahe Ho Door Tum Toh Kya
Main Hi Toh Dil Ka Musafir
Does your heart beat as fast as the automobiles on the road?
So what if you’re going somewhere far away?
I am the heartfelt traveller
Toh Ik Bar Phir Tu Haske Zara Dekh Le Meri In Ankhon Mein
Main Kaid Kar Loon Har Wo Pal Tera Teri Yeh Batein Joh Hain
Toh Aur Kya Hai Yeh Batein Bata
Kyun Ab Din Bhi Dhalta Nahin Yeh Naa Ho Toh
So, for once, grin and look me in the eyes
I would treasure all of these chats with you
Please elaborate
Why doesn’t the day come to an end if you’re not with me?
Tum Udhe Jaa Rahe
Yeh Aasmaan Mein Khidkiyon Se Dekh Tu Pahadon Ko
Yoon Chote Se Lagay Hain Kitne Bade Joh Ho Samne
Door Joh Hain Khade Unhe Bhi Yeh Humari Zindagi
Yun Titliyon Si Choti Choti Si Lage
Hai Kitni Badi Nahi Jaante
You’re taking off
View the mountains from the window
They seem little despite their size
Our lives seem little to others who are far away from us
They have no idea how huge our lives are
Khali Ghar Tera Yeh Chabiyon Ki Goonj Aise
Tujhe Dara Rahi Tu Darna Nahi
Main Hoon Yahin Par
Your home is empty, and even the sound of key clanking scares you; don’t be frightened
I am available to you
Ab Alag Aasmaan Hain
Aur Hain Zameen Bhi Kuchh Alag Si
Par Miloge Jab Kabhi Toh Dekhna Tabhi
Main Kuchh Alag Nahi
We are now both beneath separate sky
We’re even on separate continents
But when you see me, you won’t notice any difference
Written By: Anuv Jain

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FAQ (Frequently Question Answer)

Q – Alag Aasmaan Guitar chords?
You can play the song “Alag Aasmaan” by Anuv Jain on the guitar using the following chords. The song is in the key of C and requires a capo on the 6th fret. The chords for the verse are G, Cadd9, and D. You can find the detailed chord progression and strumming patterns in the provided links. Enjoy playing!
Chords: G, Cadd9, D
Key: C
Capo: 6th fret
For a more detailed lesson, refer to the provided links, including guitar lessons and chord diagrams.
Q – What is the strumming pattern for alag aasmaan on guitar?
The strumming style for Anuv Jain’s Alag Aasmaan on guitar is D DU UDU. It’s played with G, Cadd9, and D chords, using a capo on the 6th fret. For more details, check out the links for guitar lessons and chord diagrams.


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