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Icebreaker Book Summary by Hannah Grace is a spoiler-free book review that I haven’t done in over a year today’s book review is going to be on Icebreaker by Hannah Grace which is a book that’s just been everywhere like I see it everywhere I will do a spoiler-free review so if there’s ever like a spoiler coming up there will be a spoiler alert I literally don’t have a plan for this video so it might be like a messy review but hopefully it’ll make sense.

So basically I’ll talk a little about what the book is about. Then I’ll talk about my general thoughts about it and then what I liked and what I didn’t like and then I’ll give a final rating so if that sounds like something you want to watch feel free to do so I appreciate it and yeah fingers crossed that this is a not so chaotic review.

The Book of Icebreaker by Hannah Grace

Icebreaker Book Summary
Icebreaker Book Summary

So here’s the book uh you’ve probably seen this book somewhere it was enjoyable to annotate it looks beautiful. I don’t know if you can see well not really but yeah it is pretty heavily edited But yeah I don’t feel like holding the book like this the whole time so I’m going to put a picture.

The Plot of Icebreaker by Hannah Grace

Icebreaker Book by Hannah Grace that Icebreaker book is about a female figure skater she is she’s called Anastasia Anastasia Anastasia is practicing while she’s at University she’s practicing figure skating because she has a goal of going to the Olympics doing Partners figure skating and then Nathan is a hockey player on the team at University.

Icebreaker Book Summary
Icebreaker Book Summary

He’s also practicing because he has a goal he wants to get into the NHL it’s a sports romance very obviously so something happens I literally cannot remember I read that book a couple of days ago oh yeah something something happened to one of the ranks the figure skater ice rink.

So they can’t skate anymore they have to share the hockey team’s rank to practice so they have to share the arena the ice skating ring and that causes a little bit of like tension like the hockey players don’t want them there and then like the figure skater.

They want their Arena back so you know it’s but because of that Anastasia and Nathan get actually to meet and they get along pretty well eventually Anastasia’s partner gets hurt and she can’t practice with him anymore.

She needs to practice because she has like qualifiers or something in two months so Nathan steps up and agrees to be her partner so she can practice and that’s pretty much the jits of like the plot but we will get back to the plot eventually.

So, in general, I thought that book was an enjoyable read I had some moments where I was like I’m kind of bored I’m not going to lie according to the reviews on Goodreads I was expecting this book to be like phenomenal and it really wasn’t for me like this book wasn’t a miss or anything it was it was definitely not like a bright hit either it was really just in between there’s a good mental health representation in it and that part I appreciated but then again it’s like it didn’t do much for me.

The whole like the whole plot I just didn’t Vibe with it as much as I was expecting but yeah let’s just get into what I liked about the book and then we’ll go with what I disliked and then I’ll give you guys a rating so what I liked I really like Anastasia’s character.

I thought she was really funny and sarcastic sometimes she was kind of rude but like in a funny way so it was fine and I really obviously adored Nathan he’s like a golden retriever type of boy and like he was really fun to read.

I think I enjoyed his chapters more than Anastasia’s but like they’re pretty equal I like I really like them both there is that mental health representation is especially involving Eating Disorders so that is a trick warning if you want to read it but it’s handled in a good way.

I would say I really appreciate that to be in the book because I think it’s something that’s very there when you are in sports and it might not be talked about enough and then there’s like a whole part of it.

That’s like during Christmas time so that part I really really enjoyed so yeah I think that’s what I like the most about the book and then what I disliked I think there’s more things that I disliked than things that I liked that I can think of anyways.

So first of all this book seems like it had so many things in there but also felt like it has nothing and I’m gonna try to explain that in the most like simple way that I can but basically there was like just tiny plots just coming up almost like unnecessary and that plot was like it lasted like two chapters.

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It was a lot of those and that’s why I feel like this book had a lot of stuff but also nothing because each and every single little plot didn’t last long I thought that there was a lot of unnecessary plots just for the sake of having a bunch of different little plots and I’m gonna put a spoiler warning right here so just skip to this time if you don’t want to be spoiled.

For example, there’s a scene where Anesthesia falls in an ice River and while that is scary and like like stressful it resolves itself in like one chapter and then it’s talked about like once so I’m like why did that happen what did that do with the story and that’s kind of like there’s a lot of plots like that and that bothered me a bit that’s like the main thing.

That I didn’t like also there’s like a thousand characters and I almost couldn’t keep up so that made it a bit hard for me to read but for somebody who doesn’t mind a lot of characters like that’s not that’s fine and finally I can’t tell you what the main plot is aside from what’s written behind the book.

What’s written behind the book doesn’t even feel to me like a main plot like there’s so much spice in this book which is fine I do enjoy spies in a book but I feel like plot versus spice proportions could have been a bit better maybe it’s just because like this is the first book I’ve read where it’s like almost all spice no plot.

That made it hard for me to read it and I was like like when something happened like when development happened in the book I was writing like finally something happened yeah maybe I’m just realizing that I need plot and not just spice to enjoy a book but that’s just personal preference like if you love when there’s only spice good for you I wish I did honestly and I might just I might end up loving just spicy books with no plots eventually but this was like my first one.

So I gave this bookie four stars I was going to give it 4.5 But after thinking about it a lot I gave it four stars and I still stand by that so four stars to me means that I really enjoyed it I would recommend it I’m excited for what else the author’s gonna write but it just wasn’t my fave it didn’t give me everything.

I wanted it could have been a lot better but still a good read so that’s what four stars mean to me for spicy level I would give it a 3.5 or 4 out of 5 there’s a lot of it so that’s all I have for you guys today for this review thank you so so much for reading if you made it this far comment down.

Icebreaker Book Summary by Hannah Grace

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You can buy from Flipkart or Amazon.

Who is the author of Icebreaker book?

Hannah Grace is a author of Icebreaker book.


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